So I wrote a thing for this thingie here and it ended up being like 452 words which isn’t long enough for FiMfiction, but it’s still actually not that bad so I’ll just leave it here. ‘s kinda awkward at times, but I feel like I did a good job of capturing a creation myth type feel.

A long time ago, there lived a pony by the name of Swallowtail. She was the daughter of the chief of a small village far to the north, near the edge of Equestria. All she wanted, more than anything else in the world, was the unconditional love and admiration of everypony in the world. But she was vain, self-centred, and unpleasant, and so everypony in the village only gave her token affection, because of her father. Swallowtail grew bitter, for she could tell that their love was false, and a seed of hatred bloomed within her heart, rotting it away. And so, on the darkest night in a thousand years, she snuck away from her home and into the mountains where the Trickster lived.

“My little pony, why have you come to me?” he asked of her.

“I ask only the love of the small-minded ponies of my home, for one as great as I deserves nothing less than the affections of all that she meets. In exchange, I shall become your loyal servant for all time, spreading chaos wherever I go.”

The Trickster grinned a serpentine grin. “Very well. I have seen fit to grant you your wish. But be warned; once I have given you my favour, it can never be relinquished. You shall be as I make you for the rest of your days.”

But Swallowtail was a vain pony, and she ignored the Trickster’s warning. And so he conferred upon her his favour, and her body was twisted and changed to reflect her wicked and hateful soul. Her skin became like rot, filled with gaping holes and dark as the night she went to the Trickster. Her wings became insubstantial, and her horn jagged. Her eyes became like those of a monster, her hair like cobwebs, and her body like that of a vicious wasp. Her teeth became pointed, and from her head grew antennae in the shape of a mockery of the crown she so vehemently believed she deserved.

And so too were the ponies of her home twisted into monsters, each a mindless drone whose only thoughts were of pleasing their great queen. And they were able to change their forms into a mockery of other beings, so that they may get close to unsuspecting ponies and devour their love on behalf of their queen.

And Swallowtail abandoned her former identity, and she kept her word to the Trickster; for the rest of time she wandered the land, a black hole that sucked in all that was good and warm and left only hatred and chaos.

And never once did Queen Chrysalis regret her actions.

And that is how the changelings came to be.

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